Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To See

I see poverty, and I see widows and orphans

I see water mixed with rubbish and sewage flowing in the gaps between tin-roofed homes

I see the same drunk man stumbling around the slum with his bag of Waragi

I would have gone home ages ago

If not for these eyes He’s given

I would have run away, but He lets me see

Evil and oppression are so very present, but they’re only mist

Brokenness is only a veil between us and Glory

The Kingdom of Heaven is already, but not yet

Because the Coming One will come, and He will not delay

I remember a story of a veil being torn

The One Who Conquers, saying “It is finished.” 

And with these eyes He’s given, I see

Widows drawn to their Redeemer Husband

And orphans Fathered

When Jesus walks through Namuwongo, 

Evil and oppression shut their mouths

The drunk man becomes even more undignified, dancing in wild worship

I see Rivers of Living Water flow through this wasteland

All who are weary find their rest

All who hunger, hunger no more

When Jesus walks through Namuwongo

His warriors of Light rise out of the darkness

And flowers bloom on what’s been long dead

When Jesus walks through Namuwongo,

Everything changes

Everything changes.