Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brave Joy

It is a deep knowing that He is good 

Despite devastation 

Light breaks through the cracked places

And today we will live here.


Right here. The call of Brave Joy reverberates

For Brave Joy is the gait of a sinner turned saint 

The faithful footsteps of an exile 

We are walking home.


Keep walking, walking 

In  J O Y , my brothers

Sorrow, heartbreak, death, today is not the end

Never the end, not with Jesus


Pangs of longing, How long, O Lord? 

But today

Today we are called to Brave Joy 

Today we will walk in Brave Joy

[I am so thankful and proud of our Uniquely Woven staff and volunteers in Uganda who have been walking in such brave joy, as our baby Grace battles malaria and pneumonia. Praise God that she is improving! To learn more about how to join us in preventing the next orphan by equipping today's mom, visit uniquelywoven.org]