Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jesus is My All in All

Today I know the Lord to be my best friend. He is Shepherd Strong. He has lead me on red dirt paths, airport terminals, wide open Texas roads, never once leaving me to walk alone. Today I sit on top of the mountain, uphill 2014 behind me, and shiny new 2015 ahead.

Who's to say this year won't be even more difficult, even more lonely, an even steeper uphill battle? But one thing I know: He is with me.

Today I have every reason to trust Him. 

Every reason to dance. 

Every reason to sit in the wake of the morning, still and silent before this great Painter of the Sunrise who knows me by name.

2014 has been hard. Maybe the hardest. I have never been so alone. So weak. So attacked. 

But God.

But God has shown Himself to be the things I had only read about before.

Every need I had, every prayer prayed, He answered "Natalie, I AM." 

"God, you've gotta send me help. I can't do this. I'm in over my head," 

I AM your ever-present help.

"God, I feel so alone. Please send me a friend, a husband, a family, somebody," 

I AM your closest companion, I AM your Redeemer Husband, I AM your heritage.

"God, I feel like all I do is mess up. Help me do better,"

I AM your sanctification and grace and righteousness in Christ Jesus.

"God, I am really weak. Make me stronger,"

I AM a mighty conqueror, and Natalie, you conquer because I've already won. Your name was written on the palm of my battling hands.

"God, I'm so confused. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing here. Give me some answers,"

I AM your story, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I AM with you.

Jesus IS my all in all. 

Jesus IS. Today, and tomorrow, and forever. 

So friends, here's to 2015. To tribe-reunions, new friends who will become family, suitcases to be packed, hard days and tragedies, lessons to be learned, and souls to be won to Christ. 

Oh, and babies to be born (Dennis and Stephanie's baby is the size of an apricot this week! *insert heart-eyeballs face here*) 

May these days sing of His grace, and these minutes be spent abiding deeply in His presence. May we know Jesus more tomorrow than we did today, and so on forever. 

2015 holds many exciting things for Uniquely Woven! We want these mamas and babies to know Jesus as their all in all. Will you join us in preventing the next orphan by equipping today's mama?

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