Monday, September 8, 2014


Lilies blooming on mass graves

D e a t h   h a s   b e e n ,  i s   b e i n g ,   w i l l   b e

choked out by life.

Day by day redemption

Beauty from ashes

Nation resounding with orphan's last breath

Where is the grace, My Love?

My eyes strain.


In unison the Awake Ones gasp for breath

Where is the grace?

But the Coming One will come

&He will not delay


Yellow bird's melody as he waits out the storm

Art gallery sprung up on war-torn land

Flowers tucked in a tangled braid

H e a v e n   h a s   b e e n ,   i s   b e i n g ,   w i l l   b e


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  1. Thank you so much for your posts! Your blog is so inspiring and I love all the updates you give via Facebook and this blog! Keep up the amazing work, you're in my daily prayers!

    -Kristen Luciano