Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday: Peace

Today was laying in bed & cups of tea & Lady and the Tramp. I have a cold, which is stupid. I’m in Africa, and I want to be outside, covered in dust and breathing in all the smells and grace. Today was not adventurous or eventful. But sometimes that’s okay.

Sometimes we’re called to rest and be filled up, even if it’s not a spiritual filling up, but just a nap and Disney movies filling up. Sometimes we’re called to peace and quiet. There was this one time last month, where I was falling asleep and I just kept hearing the name Solomon in my mind.

So I sleepily flip on my light and reach for my Bible. I’m not at all certain this is God speaking to me, but if it is, I don’t want to miss it. I open my Bible to 1 Chronicles and find David speaking to his son. He is commissioning Solomon to fulfill the dream of building a house for God. David tells Solomon that his life has been filled with war and bloodshed, and that God is preventing him from fulfilling the dream because of that. God wants a man of peace to build His house. So God gives David a son, Solomon, and God grants Solomon peace on all sides, and makes him to be a man of rest.

It hits me. On these days where there seems to be nothing to do, when I’m stuck in bed because I’m deworming or I have a cold, when things move at snail pace, I’m called to be made into a woman of peace.

I want my words here to build a sanctuary for God. I want to make MUCH of Him with my life. It’s only a person of peace who can build a temple. We must learn how to rest, how to be people of peace, if we hope to live lives of worship.

There will be hectic days. There will be chaos and markets and boda rides and chickens. But if I allow days like today to transform my heart, if I ask the Holy Spirit to come and make me into a woman of peace, I can build a temple for Jesus with my life.


  1. So sorry you're feeling under the weather, but seems like you're realizing that a day of rest is sometimes necessary, not only to revive your health, but to revive your spirits. Enjoy the peace and quiet and let your body heal. I love you!! Gammy

  2. you are in my prayers. I love hearing about your work! thanks for all the posts :-)
    Jackie (Jackson's mom)