Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tiny Blessings: Spiders and Street Appointments

I’ve been receiving texts from my dad at least twice a week saying “Need a blog, baby. We’re all waiting.” I think to myself “Ugh I just don’t feel like I have anything to write about. Nothing blog-worthy has happened!” I didn’t see anyone miraculously healed from HIV this week. I didn’t rescue a baby from an abusive mother. God didn’t audibly speak to me, and I didn’t see any burning bushes or talking donkeys. To be honest, my week probably wasn’t much different from yours. I woke up each morning, I had a cup of tea and read my Bible. I went to church, I laughed, I hung out with my friends. Pretty normal stuff.

Maybe nothing “big” happened this week, but there is always beauty. I imagine that God tucks some beauty inside each day and waits eagerly to see the expression on His daughter’s face when she finds it. God made his birds wake me up just in time to sip African tea with my Momma Esther and hear her stories of God’s power. God created today knowing I would be called “mzungu wange” by a little girl in a white dress and it would make me smile so big my cheeks hurt. He set up an appointment in the street for me to meet the mother of Man (my favorite little boy in the world!), something I have been praying for. I’m sure God was smiling to himself when he made his giant spider crawl into the shower with me, knowing more than freaking me out, it would just make me laugh and remember how crazy it is that I’m actually living in Africa. Don’t worry, I still killed it! God knew my heart would overflow with joy when my tiny friend, Winnie, left this note with the gatekeeper to give to me:


God is enormous. He’s mighty and strong, but He’s still in on the small details of my life. Somehow in the middle of running the entire Universe, in the middle of saving the world, He finds time to stitch beauty into each day, just for my eyes to see.

Father, open our eyes and our hearts to the beauty you put on display for your children every day. Make us aware of your presence and your involvement in every detail of our lives. Thank you for loving us so much and giving us such beautiful gifts, that we sometimes don’t even appreciate. Holy Spirit, open our eyes and make us aware of beauty in the midst of the ordinary.

My challenge to you, and to myself, is to keep a list of all the tiny beautiful things you see today, and before you go to bed tonight, thank Him. Thank Him for the sunrise or coffee or green traffic lights. Thank Him for all the things you don’t normally thank Him for and see if you don’t feel way too blessed when the day is done. And I would love to see your list…leave a comment or a Facebook message or a text and we can feel way too blessed together!

P.S. Dad, you got your blog post, so you are required to write your list of tiny blessings and post them in a comment :)

*mzungu is a name used for white people, derived from a word meaning “traveler.” The little girl called me “My Mzungu.” :)


  1. Watched Victoria do a perfect parallel parking job. Heard a whippoorwill singing a tune while waiting for Victoria to back the car out of the garage. Watched the puppy try to decide whether it should drop the sock in it's mouth to bark at me as I came in the door or run away and hide with the stolen treasure. Read Natalie's blog-post. Posted an anonymous comment because I can't figure out how to do it otherwise knowing that my kids would shake their heads.

  2. I really like your idea of writing down the small, beautiful things! I think I may try this! :)