Monday, March 18, 2013

I Am Barabbas

I am Barabbas. I’m sitting in the corner of a prison cell, chains around my ankles. I am a murderer, a criminal. Any second now, the guards will call, “BARABBAS!” Hope is distant, death is near. I hear the crowd shouting outside and I feel my punishment looming over me. Crucifixion, the highest sentence. Crucifixion, my certain future. I feel the weight of my chains and the weight of my sin. I am nothing. There is no room for redemption now. “BARABBAS” This is the end. “BARABBAS!” and I am led up to the place where Pilate stands. Death is nearer than my next breath. Facing Pilate is a man I’ve heard of before. Jesus, and they say he is a king. I stand beside him today, and I am told that I’m free to go. My body is numb and a lump rises in my throat. How could this be? I can hardly breathe as the guards release me. My chains are broken, and He is bound. I am set free and Jesus is sentenced to the cross. Who is this Jesus? And who am I that He takes my place? I am Barabbas, a sinner. I am filthy. I am the lowest of the low. And because of this Man, I am walking away from death. I am liberated, my life is renewed. As I push my way through the crowd, I glance back over my shoulder and I see Him looking at me. I expect to see hatred and condemnation in His eyes. The guards are scourging Him brutally. His skin is slashed and scarlet blood is gushing out. They’re giving Him what I deserve, and He looks past the crowd, straight at me, with love in His eyes. I am Barabbas, the one set free, and this Jesus loves me.

My name is Natalie, and I am Barabbas. I am the thief, the murderer, the sinner. I am the one unjustly saved from death. I am the undeserving one. I am Natalie, and this Jesus loves me.


  1. Oh, Natalie, you are so blessed and gifted. I cannot even imagine the things God has in store for you. You are such an open vessel for the Lord to use in spreading His message of love and hope. I have, once again, been blessed by reading your latest blog. Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences with us. Love you, Gammy

  2. Nat., this is profound! I have never looked at it like this.
    My name is Aron, and I am Barabbas.

  3. I have never thought much about Barabbas. This is great insight. You are doing a great work. You are running your race. I pray that God will complete in you what He has begun. I love this word, that God does not just leave us where we are. His word will transform us. Receive the blessing!
    Phil 1:6 I am sure that the good work God began in you will continue until He completes it on the day when Jesus Christ comes again.