Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knees Hit the Tile

Tonight I am reading through my journal. I’m remembering all that God has done over the past few months. Some pages are filled with too many exclamation points and hearts, gushing about all the details of my awesome day. Some pages are filled with chicken scratch, because I was dumb enough to think I could write legibly while bumping along the dusty roads of Uganda in our bus. Some pages have tear stains and desperate prayers. Here is what I wrote in my journal one month ago:
Oh mighty God, the One who spun the stars into existence, the One who is in and through it all, the One who took on the weight of my sin, to You I pour out my heart on this late Ugandan night. Tonight my knees hit the bathroom floor, begging You to come. Come to me and break me. May I become less and less, so You can become more and more in me. And Jesus, come to my friend Babirye. Breathe Your Light into her mud and stick home and choke out all the darkness. Tell Satan that he has no place there. I believe that You are in all and through all and above all. I believe that You are much stronger than HIV. I believe and I trust and I know that Babirye will be completely healed. I don’t know if it will be tonight or in five months or in Heaven, but I know You heal. I know you are a great big God and I cannot put my hope in anything but You. Come.

That night, long past my bedtime, I pounded my fists on the tile floor and begged God to come. I was desperate. He came and He filled me. He came and He healed my friend, Babirye. In my happy ending, Babirye would have been miraculously healed of HIV and she would have raised her children and they would have moved out of the slum and lived a full and happy and Jesus-filled life. In my happy ending. Thankfully I’m not the one writing this story. Because temporary healing wasn’t enough. God wrote complete healing on the pages of Babirye’s life. Now she doesn’t hunger or thirst. Now she walks streets of gold. She’s satisfied in her Creator. She’s healed. She’s home.
One month ago, I sat on the cold tile floor and asked God to heal my friend. He healed her and took her home. Tomorrow I will put on my red dirt-stained TOMS and journey to that mud and stick home to visit the sweet HIV+ and malnourished baby my friend left behind. I will pour out Christ’s love on her and even on her drunk grandmother. Tonight I will return to knees and pray for baby Ciello and I am asking you to join me.
As you pray with me, please leave a comment and let me know how I can pray with you. We’ll build an army of prayer warriors across the earth. Webele nnyo! Nkwagala!- Thank you so much! I love you!
Let me leave you with a beautiful song I learned this week:


  1. My little buddy that I support through World Vision, lives in Uganda.

    His name is James Onega.

    If you can find him, please tell him hello for me.

    Doyle Price

  2. So sweet, Natalie. I know that Babirye could feel God's love through you and appreciated your love and concern for her and her little baby. And, I can feel how your heart breaks for that precious child. My prayers are with you as you continue to minister to Ciello, and yes, even to the grandmother. Hopefully, God will answer prayers and the baby will be moved to a safer environment. I love you, take care of yourself, be safe, and God bless you!!! Gammy

  3. Natalie, I am praying for you, for your health, and your impact on the people that you meet. I pray for this baby and grandmother. Jesus came that they would not perish, but have eternal life. You have the heart of Christ. You are His hands and feet. You are a true FOLLOWER.

  4. Natalie, Thinking about you and praying for you. You are so special. God chose you. He appointed you to go and bear fruit. You are doing a great work for His kingdom. I have been enjoying the fact that God can use us in the midst of our busy lives. Enjoy each day!