Monday, January 14, 2013

Things I Love

· Hank the Chicken who wakes me up long before the sun rises (his crow sounds like a man yelling until about half way through, so you’re like “What’s going on?!” then he sounds a little more chicken-like at the end, and you’re like “Oh, it’s just Hank.”)

· The red dirt that covers the soles of my TOMS

· Walks to the Nakumatt (the supermarket near our house)

· Tucking myself into my mosquito net, feeling like a princess in a canopy bed

· Waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of the local mosque, being reminded to pray for all the lost people in the world

· The weather…crazy hot sunshine one minute, pouring rain the next

· The mysterious animal next door...bird or monkey, we don’t know!

· The muddy footprints I see when I step into the shower after a long day

· Drinking an ice cold Stoney as a treat

· My thought-a-day journal that Mel gave me, wondering what will fill the pages five years from now

· The stars

· Having Mukwano hot tea with every meal, even though it’s scorching outside

· “This Game,” our creatively named favorite game in the house

· Esther, our beautiful house mom, who calls me Tallia

· Kevin, who cooks all of our meals and said she will teach me how to cook like a Ugandan

· Solomon, who lives nearby and keeps watch over the house in his stylish flip flops and popped collar

· My classmates, who are hilarious and love Jesus with all their hearts

· Watoto Church and their passion for Jesus and His children

· The bottles of Rwenzori water that weigh down my backpack

· The constant Hillsong that plays in our house

· Wearing skirts and dresses every day

· Waving to our tiny neighbor friends as our bus struggles to get up the giant hill

· The fact that I have no idea what the date or time is right now

· My sweet family and friends whose pictures and letters are taped on my wall

· Our wall of family, where we each hung profiles and folders for ourselves and leave encouraging notes for each other

· The smell of Uganda that I cannot describe to you

· Peter, our coordinator who mysteriously never takes off his beanie (which Canadians apparently call “tooks” and Ugandans call “head socks.” We’ve decided head sock makes the most sense!)

· Sweet texts from people at home, that I read and appreciate, even though I can’t always reply

· My parents who let their nineteen year old daughter move to Africa! They must be crazy or something…

· Chapati…mmm :)

· Moments alone with God

· My tiny Ugandan friends who try so hard to teach me how to dance, and laugh hysterically at my attempt

 · The fact that I now respond to “Mzungu! Mzungu!”

· The Jesus who bends down to hear the prayers of a girl in her mosquito net somewhere in Africa in the dead of night

· Feeling completely exhausted and crawling into my bed at the end of the day, at peace knowing this life is not my own


  1. Nat! I wish you could've just kept going on forever! I love reading about all the sweet people you're meeting and all the fun things you're doing! Can't wait to hear more! Love you!!!


  2. Oh sweet friend. I love this. And you.

  3. Hey, Sweet Granddaughter! This blog is beautiful, just like you are! I thank God for allowing you this opportunity and pray He blesses you every day in your venture to spread God's love to everyone you meet. May He keep you safe and keep His arms wrapped around you at all times! I love reading your blogs, FB posts and messages. Thank you for sharing your mission with us! Love you so much, Gammy

  4. Natalie, now I'm crying AGAIN!!! Love you and blessed by your stories! Cherish this time in your life and continue to hear from God during this time! Love you!