Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Smiling Baby & A Miracle

My friend Cathy is squeezing my hand tightly as we walk, a six foot deep gutter on our left and boda bodas zooming past on our right. We’re on our way to a miracle.

As we arrive in the slums, Esther tells us to meet back here in an hour, and we head further in. We are split into two teams, and our mission is to find a family to minister to for the next five months. There are mud homes and open sewage and barefoot children playing everywhere. I’m praying as we trek up the red dirt hill that God will lead us, that he will take us to the right family. My team stops in our tracks as the rest of the group continues on without taking notice. We’re all looking around wondering where to go or what to do. We literally feel stuck, like we can’t keep walking. Our feet will not move. We join hands and I’m praying God’s power over us. I’m praying that He will move through us. I’m praying that He will carry us and lead us. Amen.

I open my eyes and standing in the doorway of a tiny mud home in front of me is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, looking right at me and smiling. I’m thinking “God, I don’t know if I just really love babies, or if this is your way of leading me.” My feet start walking. My good friend, David goes up to the door and begins speaking Luganda to the baby’s older sister. David motions for us to come. I duck under the doorframe and enter a home that is smaller than my bathroom. As my eyes adjust, I see a frail woman lying on the cement floor, using a small pile of clothes as her pillow. She welcomes us and I sit down beside her and pray as my Ugandan friends talk to her. The smiling baby grips my finger as Babirye tells her story. She’s been left alone with her three children and has lived in this slum her entire life. Her parents died when she was young and was forced to raise herself. Sometime after child number two, Babirye fell sick. HIV. And the smiling baby has it, too. She shows us her medicine and explains that she’s not getting better because she cannot afford to buy food.

Despite her current circumstances, today Babirye is joyful. She says this morning she woke up to chicken and pineapple in her home and she doesn’t know where it came from. She says God gave her a vision of visitors coming to encourage her, and now we were here. God is providing for her and she can’t help but smile. She says she’s feeling better just from spending time with us, and next time we come, she’ll be walking. She calls us her angels.

I am praying for Babirye, and I hope you will join me. I am believing that a miracle will happen for Babirye, because I believe in a great, big Jesus. I believe in a Jesus who loves Babirye more than she will ever know, a Jesus who heals, restores, redeems. I believe in a Jesus who leads me to a miracle with the sign of a smiling baby.


  1. Again, Natalie, a beautiful story of how God is working in your life. I am blessed every time I read your blogs and I know you are going to be a blessing to so many lives over there. My prayers are with you, Babirye, and her children. Continue to enjoy your trip, be safe, and know that you are loved by so many who are following your adventure. Love always, Gammy

  2. I am crying girl! I'm headed to Guatemala in February. I know God is going to do something amazing and I don't want to miss him. Love your heart and adventures!!! btw - miss you too!

  3. Crying!! Praying with you!! Amazing story!!

  4. I personaally know an angel who is watching over you!So proud of the things God is using you for!