Thursday, November 8, 2012


I forgot I had a blog, then I was like "I want to have a blog!" and googled "How do I start a blog?" and found this. So, yeah...I guess I should say something to the world! Even though I'm totally not going to tell anyone about this right now!

Here's a picture of a day in my life this week:
Monday: I woke up at 5:40 am, ate Cheerios, put on my pink shirt ("On Mondays, we wear PINK!" -my work), made a spot of tea to go, and went to First Baptist Preschool of Portland, where I work! I got off at 12:00, checked my phone ASAP because I was supposed to hear from Watoto on that day...nothing. Cried. Then I went to HEB and got some cheese to cure my sadness. Then I went to church, where I planned a few weekend set lists, and did other random stuff, went to the staff meeting, and then did Leisure & Leadership, where I had to speak! Scary! After that, I packed a few little friends in my car and we went to the dollar movies and saw Brave with all of our adult and student leaders. Then I went to sleep!

So yeah, I work at First Baptist Preschool of Portland, and I'm usually a floater between the two toddler rooms. But sometimes I get to be in the three year old room, which is CHRISTMAS to me. They're my favorite! There's a baby Will Ferrell in there. But anyway, I love the kids! I'm learning a whole lot about babies, which will be really helpful in the future! So I wake up at 5:40 am on Monday-Friday to work there, and I get off at 12:00. Then I eat a granola bar, and at 1:00, I go to Bay Area Fellowship, my church, where I'm an intern in BAFstudents in the worship department (The best thing ever!) My life is really full! I'm bored with this post. Good bye!

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