Monday, November 19, 2012

#6: Football game

My parents, Urk, Justin and I drove up to Seguin, where Ingleside was playing football...ew...and Victoria's in the band, which is the fun part! She is really cool! Probly the coolest french horn player this side of the Mississippi. Jason met us there, which is the other fun part!

The horse was terrorizing Urk.

Definition of cool.

Urk let me borrow his rabbit to keep my head warm. It had some minor side effects (e.g. extreme sleepiness, impaired hearing, confusion)

Justin got really really into the game. When Ingleside scored for the first time of the game, he and my mom jumped up and yelled and did all of the normal football stuff. Then Justin, overwhelmed with emotion, hugged my mom. Definitely the funniest moment of the night. 

Can't tell if this was a photobomb, or just a hilarious coincidence. Looks like she's saying "OHNO GURL"

Justin was completely unaware of everything we were doing and saying because he was so focused on the game. Jason put half a package of sunflower seeds on Justin's hat without him noticing. 

Oh Urk.

And Jason bought me my two favorite candies on our way home because it was my birthday and he's a great friend! 

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  1. So I tried Google Image searching "definition of cool" to see if my face would show up and I could feel really cool but it was just all these lame people who aren't even cool. I mean, like, Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder and Justin Bieber showed up but like what I'm saying is I am cooler than them. The point of this is to tell you "you're welcome"