Monday, November 19, 2012

#5: Buffet

Buffets and being fat are kind of American, so...

On our way to Seguin to see Victoria play in the marching band at playoffs, we stopped at Cici's Pizza!

I was making a face, but it got cut off, so this just looks like I'm being dramatic. But yeah, this me, Urk, Justin, my dad and my mom on our way to Seguin! We were listening to What Doesn't Kill You by Kelly Clarkson because that's Urk's favorite song. hahaha

Urk being mischievous. 

Justin ate a slice of pizza in one bite. 

The key is to get it in both sides of your mouth, leaving an airway while you chew so you don't die.

Urk ate 8 slices of pizza. Amazing.

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